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The Museum has been housed in Wichita’s original City Hall, a landmark building constructed in 1890 and is considered an exhibit in itself. A wide variety of the Museum’s exhibits showcase life in Wichita over the centuries, from the Wichita Indian tribe—whose name the town adopted— to the cowboys who drove their cattle here, to the dawn of aviation and the City’s role as the Air Capital of the World.

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  • Floor 1

    On the Museum’s first floor you’ll find: Special exhibits at the Main Street entrance, the Museum Gift Shop, staffed by volunteers, the Davis Orientation Gallery…

  • Floor 2

    On the second floor you’ll find: The DeVore Auditorium containing the Victorian Silver Plate exhibit, the Vintage Drugstore, A Child’s World exhibit, and numerous special…

  • Floor 3

    On the third floor you’ll find: The core exhibit “Wichita the Magic City” which chronicles Wichita’s first fifty years. This is where the Museum begins…

  • Floor 4

    On the fourth floor you’ll find: special exhibits in the Slawson Gallery and the core exhibit “Spirit of Wichita” exhibit which continues the time line…

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