Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum Tours

 The Museum provides guided tours for all school groups! School Tours have been carefully designed to follow the Kansas Curricular Standards. Bus funding is available.  To schedule your tour please contact the Museum at (316) 265-9314 or tours@wichitahistory.org.

In addition to tours listed, guided tours can be modified or customized to meet your students’ needs. Please contact the Museum Educator for special requests.

  • The Museum is an excellent resource for history projects. The auditorium can be reserved for instruction, and many primary and secondary sources are available to help your students with their research needs. Contact the Museum Educator for reservations.
  • When making reservations for groups larger than 40 students, we recommend that you consider requesting two tour times, at one-hour intervals.  While waiting for their tour to begin, groups can enjoy a self-guided walking tour of some nearby downtown landmarks, and a visit to Heritage Park (located just east of the Museum.)

For all other inquiries regarding guided tours and school visits, please contact Museum Educators at (316) 265-9314 or tours@wichitahistory.org.

About the docents (your tour guides)

The word “docent” comes from the Latin verb docere, which means “to teach.”  The Historical Museum docents are volunteer tour guides who facilitate learning on field trips by leading discussions with students and providing additional information about exhibits. Teachers may work in advance with the Museum Educator to tailor tours with class learning objectives

If you would like to become a Museum Docent, contact Museum Educators at (316) 265-9314 or tours@wichitahistory.org.

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