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Museum Selfie Day at the Historical Museum

On January 17th, bring in your cameras and start taking selfies with your friends and family. Get creative with your selfies. Make weird faces. Attach funny captions to them. Maybe even put on some filters. Then post it on whatever media you use and hashtag #MuseumSelfie and tag us (@wichitahistory) to let us see what you came up with!

Museum Selfie Day combines the history of the world with the modern trend that is taking selfies. This campaign was created in 2015 by Mar Dixon, a project coordinator, and enthusiast of museums. She came up with the idea after visiting several museums with her daughter and thought of the idea as a way to showcase the people in the museums and the memories attached to it. Now, museums worldwide participate in the campaign on X(Twitter), Instagram and Facebook.

Take this day to really enjoy art, archaeology, science, photography and other forms of art in a museum and share your experiences with the world!

  • January 17, 2024