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Discover a distinctive local landmark, Wichita's original 1890 City Hall, now home to the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum- one of America's finest museums of local history and the perfect setting for your...Adventure in Time!

School Tours

The Museum provides guided tours for all school groups!  School Tours have been carefully designed to follow the Kansas Curricular Standards.  Bus funding is available.


Your admission is a class donation of any amount. Community support is essential to the Museum’s success. Take up a collection and support the Museum!

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For inquiries regarding guided tours and school visits, please contact Museum Educators at:

Phone: (316) 265-9314


A Child's World (Grades 1-2)

(Grades 1-2) Students step back in time and explore an exhibit full of toys, clothing, and children’s activities from the past as they compare and contrast their own daily lives to children living in early Wichita. This tour includes a guided lesson and hand-on activities. (60 minutes)

Aviation Tour (Middle & High School)

Students learn the history behind the local aviation industry and how Wichita became known as the Air Capital. This tour includes a guided tour of the Spirit of Wichita exhibit, as well as a film entitled Wichita, The Air Capital: The Early Years. (45 minutes)

Wichita: The Magic City (Grades 3-5)

Students discover the early days of Wichita and its rapid growth from a vast prairie to a bustling city. This tour focuses on the early settlers and their interaction with the Native Americans and includes hands-on activities relating to Wichita Indian culture and trading practices. (60 minutes)

Comprehensive Tour (All Ages)

Students encounter one of America’s leading history museums and its focus on their community. Students will tour the entire Museum, receiving a broad look at Wichita’s history, with a focus on growth, major events, and technological advances over time. Museum terms are introduced, such as artifact, exhibit and collection. (60 minutes)

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